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2320 wont start

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Drove tractor in barn now want start. Things i have checked. Turns over fine, took fuel shut off turned key on with seat safety switched jumped out in neutral with parking brake on fuel shutoff seemed to be working fine .Reinstalled fuel shut off. Loosened banjo coupling going to injector pump from fuel purge pump fuel leaked out immediately tightened it back. By weakening the battery while trying to start. I had battery hooked up to a charger. When turning the key on with out trying to start. when i heard the click for glow plugs i heard a change in sound off the charger. Glow plugs seem to be working. Fuel seems to be getting to injector pump.Fuel shut off valve seems to be working. Battery is fully charged while trying to start. Tractor has 159 hours Changed battery last year with a john Deere battery. Real problem is tractor is pulled in barn with counter weight on floor front on it also end loader. i guess ill have to get a wrecker to drag it out of building then tow to JD dealer 35 miles away the tow it back when fixed. probably 6 to 800 plus repair bill. Don't even get me started on my S240 that has 48 hours on it. All advice will be appreciated.
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If it turns over, it's nothing safety related.

I had knocked one of the safety connects off under my 2520, and couldn't get it to do anything... found it the next day. Just an FYI.

Make sure you didn't get some water in the sediment filter and it's trying to start that way??
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