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Recently the Mid and 3 point PTO quit working on my 2305. The PTO when set to run both still works. Any ideas as to what is going on. Thank you

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Your post seems to say the mid and rear PTO's are not working but then you say when "set to both" they still work.

So, to be clear, the mid PTO will not work when the Mid-Both-Rear (MBR PTO control) control is set to mid only, correct?

The rear PTO will not work when the MBR control is set to rear only, correct?

And when the MBR control is set to both, then they both will work, correct?

The selection between Mid only, rear only and both PTO's is done internally by a gear sliding in the differential.

When did the tractor start doing this?

Since the 2305 has no RIO (reverse implement override), there would be no electronic reason the PTO's do not work as the PTO switch simply engages and disengages the PTO clutch. The PTO clutch is the same for both front and rear PTO's.

So, it sounds like a mechanical problem, but what the problem is?? :dunno::dunno:

Maybe check the easy stuff first.

1. Is the PTO MBR control lever connected properly to the PTO shift shaft? Bolt 12 below.
2. Does shaft 5 rotate when moving the PTO MBR control lever?
3. Have you drained the oil to see if there are any pieces/parts laying in the bottom of the differential?

I'll be watching this as others reply so I can learn something!!

Here is a link to the 2305 parts page.

John Deere - Parts Catalog


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