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24a Skid wont start

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I was given a john deere 24a skid steer and ive been working on if tor about a week now. it was sitting for 25 years. i got a new battery and new starter. and i have fresh fuel to the injector pump. and have bled it to the injectors. i am waiting for a fuel filter in the mail. what concerns me is when i was turning it over there was hardly any smoke coming from the exhaust but there was smoke coming from the block relief valve an the side of the block. i took the muffler off and the smoke really started coming out the exhaust while turning it over. it is hard to see but i think there is still a very small amount coming from the valve on the block. does this mean the rings are shot? im pretty sure its getting fuel. im going to pull the injectors monday but i dont want to keep spending money if the motor is shot. what do you guys think?
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What color smoke?

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white smoke from the exhaust. Same from the valve
That means you're getting fuel. Is it real cold where you're at? I'm assuming glow plugs, are they working? A trick you can try is to either warm the engine with a heat gun (or hair dryer) in the intake. I'm not familiar with the machine, but try heating the intake manifold and/or the intake air by removing the air filter and inserting the heat gun.

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its about 45-50 when im trying to get it started. but its around 30 some nights. Yes it has glow plugs. 3 of them work out of 4. i figured that would be enough. How long should i hold the key back to keep them lit?

im just worried about the valve on the side of the motor smoking. i hope its not a compression problem.

thanks for the tip on heating it through the intake. im going to try it Monday.
All 4 glow plugs would be better but you should be able to start on 3. Typically you hold the glow plugs on for 30-45 seconds, longer for colder temps. The smoke coming out of the block (do you mean breather?) is a sign of worn out rings. I'm also trying to help troubleshoot with seeing or hearing an unfamiliar machine. So please take my advice with a grain of salt. :unknown:

There are others on the forum who might know this machine better and be able to give you more accurate information. :thumbup1gif:

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yea its an old machine 1979 i believe. owatonna mustang 1700 is basically the same thing. its easy to find parts on JDparts but everything i need seems to be unavailable.

on jdparts they call the valve an engine relief valve. Im pretty sure it for blow by. it was smoking really bad with the clogged muffler.

now not so so bad but noticeable. im trying to get ahold of a compression tester.

other then that im just going to try and get heat through the motor to try and get it started. i dont know what else to do
BTW, welcome to DT! Did you join because of your skid steer? Have any other Deere?

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Joined for this Skid. It was given to me by my uncle. he was going to scrap it. he ran it out of gas 25 years ago and was getting a divorce and didn't have time to mess with it so he hauled it to my grandparents. Its my only John Deere but my grandparent have A jd backhoe, Gator, Crawler Dozer and a couple John Deere mowers.

i hope this thing isn't junk but im beginning to think it is
If you're not familiar with diesels, they can be a real pain-in-the-a## after running out of fuel. In your first post you said you bled the injectors and ordered a fuel filter. You are on the right track. It's real important to supply clean fresh fuel to the injector pump and bleed the injector lines while cranking the engine. Even after all of this, the engine will cough, sputter, miss and carry on for a few moments. After sitting for 25 years things can corrode and get sticky compounding your issue. Have patience, we can deffinetly help you here on the forum. :thumbup1gif:
yea im finding that out. hopefully il get it figured out though.
Sorry. Almost all of my post didn't post, only my first sentence.

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oh hah i see it now. if the rings are stuck is there anything i can do for that? or will heat make everything expand or no?
I've used Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase with real good luck before. I've seen it unstick valves in aircraft radial engines. It's good stuff. This would be a great application for it. It won't make up for worn out rings but if their stuck it might loosen them up. It can't hurt.

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Put the marvel mystery oil in the crankcase and fuel or just crank?
In this case I would put it in both. After you get it running for an hour or two, you'll want to change oils and filters on the whole machine. Marvel would be beneficial in the crankcase again after that too.

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Nice. I'm at dinner now. Then I'm going right to walmart to get some!
btw heres my gem

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i will try and get pictures up of where the smoke is coming from as soon as i can
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