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2520 Serial #s

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First time Deere owner here. Just ordered a 2011 2520 last week and took advantage of their 2500.00 off the machine with 2x implements. I took the 200CX FEL w/ balast box and 62D MMM. I upgraded the mechanical lift to the independendant lift, upgraded the 53 inch material bucket to a 61 inch and also added a block heater. The only thing I couldn't get them to throw in to sweeten the deal was the iMatch hitch - that will have to come later. I stopped by my dealer this afternoon and the CUT was sitting out front while they wait for for the hydraulic lift. While I was there I went over the machine with a fine tooth comb and took notice of the Serial # on the CUT. Does anyone know how to decipher JD serial #s? I know it may sound petty, but I'm a complete DETAIL freak. My purchase order is for a 2011 2520 and I want to ensure I'm getting what I ordered and not some left-over 2009-2010 model. I know it's new, as it has 5 tenths of an hour on the hour meter. I'd likely take it, but if I know it's not a 2011 model from the serial # I might have an extra bargaining chip to get them to add the iMatch.
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Welcome to DT Tully. MAN, are you a shrewd deal maker. :laugh: We will want delivery pics when you get it. :good2:
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