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2520 Snowblower Attaching Kit

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Finally got to the dealer today to pick up the Front Attaching Support Kit (LVB25302) for our 2520. I had kept the one from our 2320 (LVB24895) but that obviously would not work. Since the support kit for the 2320 was a 1 piece design, even I could determine where and how to mount it. My question on the two brackets for the 2520 is where they go in relationship to the frame of the tractor. I can obviously match up the bolt holes but it would appear as if these brackets would fit outside the frame but inside the grille guard, thus replacing the black plastic spacers in there now.

Is that correct?



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Not sure I could not find this thread yesterday. I have the same problem & this helps.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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