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2520 temp guage

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Finally got around to installing a temperature guage in the 2520. Not hard to do but a little time consuming. Trickiest part was figuring out the correct wiring. Turned out that I tapped into the hot wire leading to the PTO for the sending unit and used one of the wires in the light switch for the little bulb for the guage. Guage lights up whenever the rest of the guages are lit. All in all very satisfying.

In the last half hour that I worked I installed my Artillian forks. These are definitely good kit. Highly recommended. Randy........are you listening? :mocking:

Tomorrow I am putting tail lights in the X540.

Ahhhhhhh ........... Spring!!
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Ron...where did you end up mounting it ?

see here now....all these questions wouldnt be necessary if you had followed the no pic...,didnt happen rule.:mocking:
That looks great! :good2:
I want to do that as well as I hate relying on idiot lights
.....there just aint enough time in a day:thumbsdown:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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