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i think i already have the jd version on my tractor--yrs back when i was at my dealer getting something i had them look up a bracket for hanging weights off the front end. well what i have now-i can only hang 3 42 lb weights off it. i want to hang more there--will this part number that i found on jd parts allow me that? #BLV10623

runs in my mind the young fellla behind the counter back then-claimed there was a2 different brackets, but he could onlly get one--and i guess it was the small one.

now i'm thinking Coaltrain can hang more than 3 weights on his bracket-but i don't remember if he got his at heavy hitch or not. i hope he responds to tell me.

i looked on home depot to buy some of them weights--boy their like gold now-all but a hundred dollar bill a piece. so i called jd ha! $62 a piece-but backordered till around June--i said how many in front of me-he laughed a lot. i said no way my money was being held hostage that long-yikes.

looked on heavy hitch--but i couldn't find a price--in between that on market place i found a fella selling them little weights @$55 a piece--but-but-they only weighed in at 40 lbs---i asked him if he would sell for $50 if i took 6-he siad sure. in the mean time the cases of covid where he was from seemed to spike very badly. so i haven't went to see him--just scared to go i guess.

oh i figure he had someone cast these weights for him and he's selling them then, no jd emblems in the castings like the jd ones have. don't matter to me none.

but i still need a larger bracket to hold more-so i need help with that. the extra weights will come later i suppose. thanks a lot
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