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260 backhoe on a 1026r 16" bucket

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Has anyone out there used a 16" bucket on this hoe and if so what were the results.
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Thanks all for the input well I think I will spring for one and I have the 8 inch to fall back on.
Ordered a bro-tec thumb, ripper and trencher today, I'm getting close to having all the goodies to start my fish pond project. My wife thinks I'm crazy but whats new. Also ordered the omni mfg suitcase bar trailer hitch for the rear it holds 8 JD weight that I got the weights from Home Depot cheaper than the JD store and free shipping to my door can't beat the price at 46 bucks per unit. The postman will love me.
So, it's been quite a while since this post, and I'm wondering if you could come back and give us your feedback on the bucket size(s) you got, thumb, ripper, and trencher.

I've got a 260 backhoe I picked up from an equipment dealer--it did not have a bucket. So I need to decide on what to put on the end of it. I've been leaning towards a 12" bucket since it seems the most multipurpose. But I'm very interested in hearing from someone (like yourself) that's tried the larger 16" bucket. My initially thinking was that 16" would be too much for the 260 backhoe in anything but the loosest, lightest materials.

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