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To all,

I have a 260B Backhoe. I have been looking at thumb options and have searched Green Tractor Talk community and also online. I have seen many pictures and videos but seems that I can not find what I am looking for. Know one has probably seen or used both thumbs to provide a comparison, but I am hoping people will be able to post pictures of the thumb they have so we can have a good create a comparison. I know there is a good price difference between the 2 thumbs.

I would like to get the BXpanded ripper and the Backhoe quick-on coupler. I would also like a smaller trench bucket either the BXpanded 6" bucket or John Deere 7" (Part# BXX10246). It looks like the trench bucket are similar with different tooth design. I would like to know how the thumb works with the trench bucket and the ripper, how does the bucket teeth sit against the thumb. It looks like on the JD 270B thumb opens more and the thumb is closer to the dipper stick in comparison to the 260B, is this true? The BXpanded thumb looks to not open as wide as the JD thumb, is this true? Trying to see which thumb fully retracts closer to the dipper stick the BXpanded or the JD so the thumb is not in the way during normal digging. It looks like the BXpanded thumb has longer serrated edge in comparison to the JD thumb, which seems like it would be able to pick up larger objects.

These are the two thumbs that I am considering:
Bxpanded Barracuda Factory Mount Thumb for John Deere 260B. Factory Mount Barracuda BH Thumb
John Deere Dipper Thumb Kit BLV10750. John Deere Dipper Thumb Kit - BLV10750

Trench Bucket I am considering:
BXpanded Trencher 6" Bucket Narrow Trenching Bucket
John Deere 7" Trench Bucket (Part# BXX10246) . Compact Utility Tractor Attachments

Technical Data that I am looking for:
1. What does each look like when fully retracted in the storage position with the thumb against the dipper stick? (please provide pictures if possible)
2. When the thumb is fully retracted what is the measurement from the edge of the thumb tooth to the dipper stick arm for reference?
3. What does the thumb look like fully extended? (please provide pictures if possible)
4. What is the length of the thumb serrated edges?
5. How many adjustment holes does each have? Looks like JD has 4 holes.
6. What is the inside width measurement of the thumb tooth, will trench bucket fit inside or will thumb tooth hit bucket tooth? Does it look like a certain combination of trench bucket look better than the other.
7. What is the steel thickness of the thumb tooth? and adjustment arm near the dipper stick?
8. What is the size and steel thickness of the adjustment arm near the dipper stick?
9. What does the thumb look like with a 6" trench bucket, John Deere 7" trench bucket, 8" bucket? For example will the trench bucket teeth feet between the thumb.
10. Which trench bucket tooth would be better the BXpanded 6" or the John Deere 7", it seems like the JD has the standard tooth design which looks durable?
11. How does the ripper look with the thumb and does combination look for function?

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Most of your questions on pictures are better viewed on the manufactures website you reference.
I've read the six inch bucket doesn't clear (clean) of dirt because of its narrow size. That being said sandy soil may ok.
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