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2640 Steering box

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I recently picked up a 2640 for use around my acreage. The steering has excessive play so I'm putting out some feelers to learn what options I might have to tighten it up. It would be useable as-is but annoying. I've noticed that the steering wheel shaft moves up & down a bit as it is turned indicating what is probably a very worn worm gear on the end of it.

Is there a rebuild kit for these or what would you suggest to deal with this? I have searched the web just a bit and, per one comment I saw, there is no adjustment.

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Does that tractor have Hydraulic steering or an actual steering box like a truck?

I'm guessing Hydro....that would explain No Adjustment...poke around a bit and see whats in there.
Thanks for the replies. It definitely has power steering. The front end mechanical parts all seemed to be tight on first inspection. Learning how the power steering valve works is reassuring. That said it looks like this tractor hasn't seen a grease gun in a long time, so lubrication is on my list of maintenance items to catch up on. I will take a look at that bolt.

This is a very helpful group. Thanks to all.
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