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I mostly just lurk and suck up the great info on this website without chiming in too often, I'm the quiet type :) Since I bought my Gen 1 2025r last year, I've been looking for a backhoe dolly for it that would work for me. There is a good one from someone made of metal, but that is beyond my ability since I don't weld (yet). Wood I can work with! A while back I bought a couple hardwood dollies from the orange box store to scoot things around on (16” x 24” economy hardwood dolly), and stumbled into a simple backhoe dolly solution while in the process of building a more complicated one. The key to any of these is keeping the darn boom from spreading out when dismounted and making it a bear to get back on. I'm guessing most backhoe owners can relate!

Just take a 76” long 2x6 and screw it to the bottom of the two dollies lengthwise, all the way to the opposite ends between the wheels. Mount a few scrap 2’ 2x material to the top of one dolly to make the top of one dolly 1 ½” to 3” (1 or 2 layers) higher than the other dolly. Now you’re done :)

The lower height dolly slides right under the mounted 270A and goes forward to almost to the sub-frame nuts you can see. It needs to be in far enough that the angled piece on the bottom of the backhoe is behind one set of wheels, but not far enough forward to hit the nuts when dropping the backhoe (or it would tend to tilt the whole thing). Now put the pins in to lock the boom, curl the bucket ALL the way and put the arm almost straight up and down, maybe opened up a little more. Drop it via the three point and voila! It will roll right out and the boom won’t move as it sits (been sitting for a month to test that theory). I have mounted and dismounted several times with this already and it’s super easy. The key to the simplicity is that the dollies are just exactly the right height for this to work. And a level floor is also good :)

If you use 1 layer of 2x material, it will look like the pictures. I only mentioned 2 layers because I believe that will work too and may leave the front of the backhoe frame just a bit lower. If folks have a little higher or lower air pressure in their tires, that may make a difference for them.
I hope this helps some folks out, it’s been saving me a whole lotta cussing :)


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