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2720 next to the 3320

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Just a few photos to compare the two of them. They have the same engine but they are so different from each other. The 3320 is so much bigger and more substantial. You really notice it when you get up on it. It is still a very agile tractor but definitely a tractor.

The 2720 by comparison is so much more compact. It could use a little more leg room but it is a well done package none the less. I have had a lot of tractors, I can tell I am going to love this one.



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There sure is huge difference between the two, I like the grill guard too. I like ground clearance under the engine and farme, on my 855 it's easy to get under and change the oil and grease.

How do you guys grease the center pin on the front axle? On my 855 I raise the tractor off the ground with the bucket and have a helper pull down on the right tire to gain access to the axle's's center pin zerk.
Great pictures, thanks for sharing:thumbup1gif:
Very nice stable of equipment you have there!:good2:

How do you guys grease the center pin on the front axle?
Hmmm! I have not done that since I've owned it. Never gave it a thought.
Glad I saw this post.
Thanks tackit!:thumbup1gif:

Yup, very nice machines there Charley. You'll find that they will each have their dedicated tasks.
Dang! That 2720 looks small!
I'm "green" with envy! Nice pics showing the size differences. Thanks!
They look so much different. You really made the difference show. Thanks for the pictures! :thumbup1gif:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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