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3.8 hrs old, new 2011 5075M, adoption went through and going home

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I never thought I would have a day that I would be taking my very own brand new John Deere tractor home, My father was with me today when picking it up, it was a great day with many more to come. Wife knew I was getting a new tractor but when we got home after dark and raining some and all those forward and aft lights lit up,00000oooooOOOO it was sooooo coool and that's when she seen me backing it off the trailer and I could her her telling dad, O-my god, it's huge,,,,, never seen that look on her face before and ya know what--- i liked it,,, she is all smiles too about it. OK some info about the 2011 5075M deluxe platform 16Fx16R.

Well first of all I bought at Fisher Farm and Lawn out of Tangent Oregon, the dealers name is John Purkerson.
I have been looking for a couple of solid months because I wanted to up grade from my first tractor that I bought at Peterson Caterpillar , (dealer: Spencer), wanted at least a 35hp, found out latter it was a 33 annnddd then the pto was actually a 26hp,hummm ok,,,my first tractor,,,i am learning ok all is said and done now, were good. I even tried to buy my second from him but AGCO (their financial company)wanted to much down, ok no problem,,,,,studying night and day, mid;le of the nights,,,looking on craigslist,,,going to tractor data dot com and comparing weights and 3pt lift, motor CID's, fuel consumptions, on and on and finaly checked this one out and it was just to much on payments and didnt want a E model due to the loss of my lunch money if it fell out of my pocket because with really no platform,,,it would all been planted on the ground were ever it fell out,,,,,,so i continued my adventure,,,Finaly ended up attempting to get a Case IH JX95 2006 model from Evergreen Implement (John Deere) in Othello Washington, dealers name is Jeff Springer, welll after manny e-mails and several phone calls that slowly disclosed a couple of things about the tractor such as "we are getting a fuel leak fixed" to the fuel pump has been sent to Kenewick be fixed, putting my travel plans to get it back a week,umm ok,,,,,1 day before I was to leave for Othello he sends a few pictures of the tractor and said "I could not get a picture of the weld on the loader" hummmmmm I am thinking,okkkk, must be a small weld under side or back behind,,,,,,well My brother and I finally get up there 478 miles and first thing I see is a fankenstein looking loader , welds every were, the loader were bolted on to tractor had at least 10 feet of welds all together plus most likly more,,,ummm ok,,,,,the head lights had over sized or wattage bulbs that melted the lenses---Jeff said that will just peel off there,,,,,yea right jeff, the lenses were white as a piece of paper,,,we argued about an air filter that he said was new as he ducked his head when a large area of dirt fell off the filter and blew up in his face,,latter he came back and said he apoligized and that the new filter was on the mechanics bench--hummm never heard that one before lolol,,,,soo I then figured some numbers and he came back with 24050, down from 24900,,ummm no really but what the hay---iam here lets drive this 95 hp thing,,,I took it to a pile of dry sand and rocks and skooped about 2/3 bucket and tried to raise it up,,,finally it would not go any higher even at 2000 rpm stopping at about 5 feet hight, shook my head, dumped the load, parked it and drove back around to the front of the building and when in to see Jeff sitting in his office and the other guys are laughing and jocking and jeff is quite and before i said a word really he said" so,,not much hydrolic power" and then i said yeaaa i noticed it only got to about 6 feet,,,welll then they only had some 5065E with tuf tires and gave me the prices and loader costs and switch tires over and all but then it hit hard,,,,,,,,the other tractors with the tires wont be in till about a week or two to switch over from and the loader wont be in till about the same time,,,,,IN OTHER WORDS I WOULD HAVE TO MAKE THIS DRIVE BACK UP IN ABOUT 2 WEEKS, umm this drive already cost me $510.00 this trip with the truck and trailer,,,shook his hand said good by and left...

Well about 10:00 pm that night as my brother and I are driving back home we are about ready to pass Fisher Farm there in Tangent and said why not, i'll show you the one with all the bells and whistles,,so here we are parked clear accross the front of the store at 10 at night, head lights shinning on the 5075M and walking around it with one of those head lights that strap to your head in hand and a 32' flat bed itchin to carry a load if seen by anyone,,,,, I am rattling off all this stuff about the tractor and brother finally says, ummm i am cold ,,,so we load back up back out and come home,,,,, well that night just this last Tuesday night the 3rd I sent a message to John about that very tractor saying things like come on john, make it happen,,, don't want gruvling over prices or winning,, beside you don't want to hear me do it,,,and so on i continued:laugh: well the next day we talked and used the application sent to Othello John Deere and we crunched the numbers a couple of times and finally came up with a final amount for down and well today I have a BRAND NEW 2011 5075M with a 553 loader and instead of getting the skid steer setup i decided to get a set of forks for about 100 bucks less.... when i want to use skid steer attachments like augers or 4 in 1 bucket or maybe a skid steel ditching attachment, I can buy an adapter for the John Deere,it will attache on one side and about 3-4 inches the other side is the skid steer plates and locking arms, sweeeet...$850.00 with free shipping on E-Bay, check it out.

So many bells and whistles, 3 rear remotes with up graded , 3 mid remotes, dual work lights with head lights forward, dual rear work lights, swivel sliding seat, little knobs for draft and elevation and fine adjusting of lower linkage, on and on,,, the 16x16 trany, 540/540E pto, 5 cylinder motor, the 4900 lb lift up grade for the lower links, I think it even takes the same air filter as my truck :thumbup1gif:

Not many pictures yet but here is the most important one so far. click on it for a much better picture. :bye2:

PS. new 6' tiller too!

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She's a Beauty!


So, what are all the plans for her, tasks and mods?
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