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3 point drop

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I noticed when running with a weight box my 2305 will seep down. Have it full of rocks at the moment.

Nothing visible but out bouncing around the land it will drop a few inches. Havent really checked it but I think in a couple days it would go from up to the weight box sitting on the ground in a couple days. Maybe less.

Is this normal on these?
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It's considered normal if the tractor is off, but it should not leak down while running.
Sorry Ken, I have to dissagree with you on this one. The 2305 will leak down while running. It has no way to maintain it's height like full blown 3pt hitches. Just another feature of the limited 3pt hitch on the 2305. I explain everything in the attached link.

2305 Limited 3pt Hitch
If the rate valve locks it then that tells me it has to be something seeping in the up/down control ??
Yes, it is standard seal leakage, just like any full blown 3pt hitch or loader. Not the up/down control, but the cylinder seals themselves. The up/down on the 2305 is just that, full up or full down. There is no middle and maintain without locking it with the rate valve. A full blown 3pt hitch has a mechanism to compensate for this leakage when running. That is why they leak down when the machine is turned off.
OK gotcha. Really havent been around tractors with 3 points much until I bought the 2305. Did not realize the bigger stuff had the ability to maintain.
It really isn't the bigger stuff, it is just the 2305 doesn't. My 2520 is a full blown 3pt hitch and maintains height control.
I've looked for a category "full blown" hitch, but I haven't been able to find one yet:mocking:
:laugh::laugh::laugh: Easy there Rocky.
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