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3-point hitch drops

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I was brush mowing and something happened, when I lift the 3-point hitch as high as it goes it drops straight down, there doesn’t seem to be any pressure at the lever. Even when I un-hooked the brush mower and had no weight the hitch still drops. I did notice a stick got jammed close by the lever, not sure if it broke something. Any ideas?
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Welcome to GTT,
Just to be clear, is it the 3PH alone that dropping by itself, or is the rockshaft lever sliding with no resistance and allowing the 3PH to move?
I have the 1025R, it is the lever sliding with no resistance
There is a 16 mm bolt located about a foot inside the 1 o'clock position of the edge of the right rear tire, at the base of the 3 point lever. It is almost a straight shot in across the the tire tread, with just a bit of downward angle. Try tightening this bolt just a little. Too much and the lever gets hard to move.

Hope that this bolt tightening does the job, it has worked for me twice. I cannot explain why the bolt gets loose.
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Oops, the answer was posted while I was typing.
I have the 1025R, it is the lever sliding with no resistance
That definitely fixed the issue.
I knew I joined this group for a reason, Thank you fellas, I appreciate the responses.
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I had to do that with my 1025r. Been fine ever since.

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