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It’s been just over two years since I acquired the 325E for use on our 20 acre Homestead. The tractor has performed flawlessly, and has been completely reliable over the course of 80 hours. About 20 of those hours have involve the use of the PTO, about 80% of the PTO time on the brush cutter, 15% rototilling, 5% using the PHD.

We have had our adventures. The tractor can be “tippy,” especially when I do not use enough ballast and unloading 1000# of bagged compost using the pallet forks was entertaining to my grandson. Fortunately, he is too young to own a cell phone or have other means of taking pictures.

I have been very pleased with the tractor, and the implements we have acquired. The tractor has exceeded my expectations and performance wise, it does everything my neighbors 33 hp tractor does, minus the MMM.

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