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3025E PTO overrunning clutch?

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For past 3 winters I have used 64" snow blower with no issues. I just purchased a 5' Brush hog (shear pin) mower and If I (understand / read in past) it is a good idea to install a one way clutch/one-way bearing PTO adaptor? Here is the question- tractor shut off and nothing connected I cant turn PTO by hand even with pliers! I called my JD dealer and mechanic says there is no clutch in transmition and its just an electric engagement for PTO. If that is true why does any implement I have attached shut down immediately when switch is disengaged?
2nd question- I bought a PTO over run adaptor from TS, I installed it but it doesn't lock on output of PTO( it locks on PTO shaft from mower end) , it can slide off? I didn't feel comfortable running it knowing shat from mower can slide off at tractor PTO. Is that correct or am I doing something incorrect?
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Your pto has an internal brake I believe.

The driveshaft clutch is to protect the gears on both ends as an alternative to shear pins.

You have to stop and replace pins, when the (optional) driveshaft clutch slips you just remove the load to eliminate the slip, and let it turn without load for a minute to cool the clutches before re application of the load.
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