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3025E PTO overrunning clutch?

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For past 3 winters I have used 64" snow blower with no issues. I just purchased a 5' Brush hog (shear pin) mower and If I (understand / read in past) it is a good idea to install a one way clutch/one-way bearing PTO adaptor? Here is the question- tractor shut off and nothing connected I cant turn PTO by hand even with pliers! I called my JD dealer and mechanic says there is no clutch in transmition and its just an electric engagement for PTO. If that is true why does any implement I have attached shut down immediately when switch is disengaged?
2nd question- I bought a PTO over run adaptor from TS, I installed it but it doesn't lock on output of PTO( it locks on PTO shaft from mower end) , it can slide off? I didn't feel comfortable running it knowing shat from mower can slide off at tractor PTO. Is that correct or am I doing something incorrect?
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So o theres 2 threads about this or whats up??
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