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Which tire to get on a 3025e

  • 43x16-20 industrial

    Votes: 4 100.0%
  • 15-19.5 industrial

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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If memory serves and the tire options carry through E-R series based on the poll sizes I think it does.
I believe that odd ball to me 15…. Size is a 39” tall tire vs the other tire that is a 43” tall tire.
i know with the 3Rs I have owned (a 3033R short tires and 3039R tall tires) I preferred the taller tire.
However for me a lot of it had to do with ground clearance involving a MId mount mower, which I don’t think applies to the 3E scenario. 3pt hitch and lifting attachments might make the taller tire appealing for a 3E as well.
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