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I recently purchased a used 3033R with a mid-mount 72” mower deck. I am asking this question without doing any other research. I am wondering if there is an adjustment allowing the mower deck to raise higher to create more clearance? It does lift off the ground but only a very few inches. It is an “auto connect” deck which works very well and with limited use I have found the mowing quality excellent. The linkage seems to tuck itself away pretty well when the deck has been removed. Thanks in advance. I hope to find time tomorrow to take a good look at how the mechanism operates.
I don't think there is.

I had the same issue with the 3033R. Mine came the smaller R4s which leave very little ground clearance for the mower deck. Later I had traded that tractor on a 4066R and moved the mower deck to a 3039R, which the 3039R had the larger/taller optional R4s and the clearance was much better. So I guess I should say yes, there is a way to get more clearance but the only way I know of involves changing out the tires for larger/taller tires to get that added clearance.
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