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3035D PTO

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Hey folks, have a goofy question just because I don't know.
Recently purchased a 3035D, and I've noticed some threads about the manual shuttle shift (which is a plus for me) , live PTO, etc.,etc.

Bush hogged some more with johnny, and when the PTO is engaged, the ONLY time it stops is when I push the clutch to change direction, or disengage the PTO.

Whenever the PTO is engaged, I can put everything in neutral, release the clutch, and the PTO will run.

Obviously I didn't leave the seat, as I'm sure it would kill everything.

So after all that verbiage, would this be considered a live PTO, or something else ?

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Thanks, look forward to the responses.
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Thanks folks.
Been a while since I had run a bush hog, so wasn't sure how this one was classified.

I do like the fact you can depress the clutch, and stop everything.
Especially on rough overgrown terrain.

Simple and basic is what I like about this unit (y)
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