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3035D PTO

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Hey folks, have a goofy question just because I don't know.
Recently purchased a 3035D, and I've noticed some threads about the manual shuttle shift (which is a plus for me) , live PTO, etc.,etc.

Bush hogged some more with johnny, and when the PTO is engaged, the ONLY time it stops is when I push the clutch to change direction, or disengage the PTO.

Whenever the PTO is engaged, I can put everything in neutral, release the clutch, and the PTO will run.

Obviously I didn't leave the seat, as I'm sure it would kill everything.

So after all that verbiage, would this be considered a live PTO, or something else ?

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Thanks, look forward to the responses.
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You have transmission PTO, live PTO would continue to run even with the clutch in.

That's the way I understand it anyways.
Close...a live PTO will continue to run with the clutch halfway in, so you can stop the machine or change gears while keeping the PTO and implement running. Like the next person said, 2-stage clutch to allow separate clutching of the PTO and driveline. My 1050 has a live PTO. It's bulletproof but not nearly as convenient as an independent PTO.
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