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3046R rear wheel, need wider stance

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My 3046R is a bit tippy, seems fairly common based on GTT posts. R1 tires, 58 inches edge-to-edge, 61 inch bucket. I'd like more stability, especially having seen a recent photo on GTT of someone mowing and tipping over. I researched the forum and decided that $$$ Bora 2-inch spacers would be in my future. Then I went up to the shop to look at my wheels and tires again and discovered that the wheels are on the most narrow setting (see pic below). Called my local dealer, and they said if I want more stability on this tractor I need to get wheel weights. I have filled tires, lots of ballast, and THIS wheel setup. And I recently saw a GTT post with a photo of a cab version of the 3046R with the wheels at the widest setting.

Then I looked through the manual and it says this under "Changing Wheel Spacing and Tread Width": "Rear tires can be mounted in one position only." Nothing at all about remounting the wheel insert on the other side of the rim, which would give me two inches more on each side without the need to buy and install spacers. I've also seen a diagram on the forum about the 8 positions typically possible on similar wheels -- I did that kind of adjustment on my Ford 1910 maybe 25 years ago.

I figured I could swap my setup to mount the left on the right side, etc. but that would probably add 6 inches to each side. With a 61 inch bucket I want to keep to 2 inches per side so that I can mostly cover my tracks when back-blading.

So -- advice anyone? Really disappointed in my JD dealer, but if worse comes to worse I may stop by and talk to their mechanics -- the parts and sales folks are clueless about these kinds of issues (and maybe that's true everywhere).

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I'd vote on moving your rim to the outside of the center plate (y)
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