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3046R rear wheel, need wider stance

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My 3046R is a bit tippy, seems fairly common based on GTT posts. R1 tires, 58 inches edge-to-edge, 61 inch bucket. I'd like more stability, especially having seen a recent photo on GTT of someone mowing and tipping over. I researched the forum and decided that $$$ Bora 2-inch spacers would be in my future. Then I went up to the shop to look at my wheels and tires again and discovered that the wheels are on the most narrow setting (see pic below). Called my local dealer, and they said if I want more stability on this tractor I need to get wheel weights. I have filled tires, lots of ballast, and THIS wheel setup. And I recently saw a GTT post with a photo of a cab version of the 3046R with the wheels at the widest setting.

Then I looked through the manual and it says this under "Changing Wheel Spacing and Tread Width": "Rear tires can be mounted in one position only." Nothing at all about remounting the wheel insert on the other side of the rim, which would give me two inches more on each side without the need to buy and install spacers. I've also seen a diagram on the forum about the 8 positions typically possible on similar wheels -- I did that kind of adjustment on my Ford 1910 maybe 25 years ago.

I figured I could swap my setup to mount the left on the right side, etc. but that would probably add 6 inches to each side. With a 61 inch bucket I want to keep to 2 inches per side so that I can mostly cover my tracks when back-blading.

So -- advice anyone? Really disappointed in my JD dealer, but if worse comes to worse I may stop by and talk to their mechanics -- the parts and sales folks are clueless about these kinds of issues (and maybe that's true everywhere).

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Looks like the hubs are already in the the outer most position, about all you can do is move the wheel to the outside for max width. As mentioned, if loaded with liquid ballast they can be a bear to handle.

After that Wheel spacers would be in order to go any wider.
Personally I think all 3Rs really should have wheel spacers to get them stable, especially on a cab model.
Does anyone know if a 3046r can have the front 15" wheels replaced with wheels that are 16"? Does it cause problems? Appreciate your thoughts, thanks.
Wheel itself if it has the correct offset and bolt pattern, it should not cause any issues.
The tire selections for the 16" wheel if deviated from the original sizes, is where problems could easily arise.

What tire type and size do you have now and what type and size are you wanting to put on that 16" Rim would be vital information to answering your question.
The tire height and width are most important, and the rear tire height is critical to keep it similar in relation to what is called the lead/lag.

Meaning a larger or taller front tire while keeping the same height or original rear tire, you can end up with a really major mechanical problem or conflict, since the 4wd is setup for the lead lag or the relationship in height of the rear and the front tires the factor used.

Here is the combo I put on my 3046, also a hybrid turf radial and also fit the original wheels found on the original R3 truf tires.

Needing 215/70R15 For the fronts = 27x8.5-15same as the bias ply turfs that are on it.
Needing 400/70R20 For the rears = 42x15.5-20 very close to the rear bias turfs that are on it.
Those sizes should be perfect, the large OEM Bias R4's are 27 front and 43 rear. the OEM turf bias is 27 front and 41 rear.”

For 16" the tire you would be looking for that comes in around 27"s tall unless you're increasing the height of the rear tires in a very similar ratio between them.
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This is the only Nokian snow tire I see in the 16" size.
783mm height is close to 31"s tall.
You would have to also bump your rear tires to something like 49-50"
Which I am not sure you can clear either one without doing some measuring.
If you can clear the rear, you may need wheel spacers or special offset wheel to get the clearance right on the front.

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LI / SSRecommended rimPermitted rimsTyre widthTyre diameterStatic loaded radiusTread depth
120GW87J, 7.5J, W7, 8J, 8.5J, W9, 9J, 9.00258 mm783 mm363 mm16 mm
Rolling circumferenceSpeed radius indexMax inflation pressurePR
2390 mm-450 kPa-
Product code
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I guess this explains why the 3046r snow cab edition doesn't come with Nokian snow tires as an option from the factory because JD would have to install bigger wheels on the 3 series platform.
They sort of do offer it, only it becomes the 4 series.
Still nothing to really do with Wheel sizes, more about the tire sizes.

The size of rear tire that the 31" front Nokian tire would need, would pretty much put you in the same tire sizes the 4 series machine uses.

The tires I am running on my 3046R is linked above are about as close to Nokian tire you can get that will fit a 3046R.

I have heard of guys putting 4 series tires on 3Rs, never tried it, not sure what all is involved to accomplish it.
That is big enough spread, I would have to think that much tire size increase would affect gearing and would or could create a power issue in some applications.
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wow, first of all, thanks. I guess I wasn't completely clear, let me try harder. I have the radials, which are nothing to be sad about, I like them and they are fairly decent in the snow. I was hoping to upgrade to the Nokians (I get very deep snow at my place) and I just presumed I would be able to find a Nokian for the rear wheels (yes, I planned to install the Nokians on all 4) because Nokian makes snow tires starting at 16" and larger, so I didn't think the rear would be a problem to find but I figured I would have to put a 16" wheel on the front in order to get a Nokian tire to fit the front end (as I previously said, they don't make a 15" snow tire). I am not that crazy with money to trade my tractor for a 4 series just so I can get Nokian snow tires...
I think I understand your goal, but I not sure what radials you would already have unless there the same galaxy radial that I have.
There is not any radial tires offered by Deere from the factory for any 3 sereies machines.
The only radial offered by Deere from the factory in the 3 or 4 series family is that Nokian snow tire that is only found on that 4R series.
My main concern was when you mentioned it had radials already on it, that someone was selling you a Bias ply tire and possibly misleading you and telling you that it's a radial.

Does the tread on yours look like this?
Green Plant Wood Automotive tire Grass

I just caught your Canada location flag.

I am pretty well versed on what Deere offers for the US market in the compact tractor lines, however I suppose there could be something unique offered to the Canadian market.

I just didn't want you to be getting mislead by a dealer salesman, which quite often are not all that familiar or say familiar as they should be with their products they are selling.
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I agree with you, my particular salesman doesn't seem all that "sharp" on the tire stuff and yes, the photo you just attached looks like the tread pattern that is on the tractor that just arrived for me, that tread is different than your Galaxys, yes?
That was the bias ply turf tires that came from the factory on my 3046.
If your sales person was saying those were radials, he is mistaken.
I just wanted to clarify that for you, so that you would know what they were really selling you.

Only way I know of to get radials on a Deere 3 series that I am aware of, is via the aftermarket and from my experience, there are very few choices out there.
Actually I spent a couple years trying to get the set I have on My 3046R.

Galaxy/Yokohama anouced the expanded list of sizes, that were coming out in their Garden pro XTD hybrid turf radial, which I seem to recall it was announced back in October 2020.

I started trying to find a set from back then all the way till last month, when I finally got set located and bought in those new sizes (the sizes I was needing).

They had finally made it to market.

I would imagine you can still get them today if you wanted.
It just seemed to take forever for the sizes I needed for the 3046R to finally hit the shelves.
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Morning, you're sure welcome.
Happy to help anytime.

Ah, that all makes perfect sense. I see how that could easily happen.

The 1025R,2025R,2032R,2038R all have a similar hybrid turf radial factory option.

All the 2R Deere's use the Galaxy Garden pro, the Deere 1025R uses a Carlisle versa-turf looks very similar.

Which hopefully someday Deere expands their hybrid turf radial options to the 3Rs as well.

Especially now that Galaxy has an offering in the sizes needed for the 3R class machines.
I really see no excuse for them not offering a radial option on the 3R machines.
Hopefully it will happen someday soon.

For your needs, I really think the galaxy radials will be much better for your snow removal needs then the standard turf tire.

Radials by nature have better traction, as well as a noticeably smoother ride.

I have found that the modern hybrid turf radial, actually has better traction then the bias ply R4s that is so commonly used over the past decade or more on compact tractors across all brands, plus these new radials are as safe on a lawn, as traditional turf tire.

Really the by far the best choice for about any compact tractor in my experiences with all the different tires offered in the 1-4 class machines. I have them on a 2R, 3R, mixed set on a 4R and mixed set on 5M, and a matched set on a 5M.
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I will be happy with the galaxy gp radials if my dealer can get them for my 3R, so far, my salesperson hasn’t confirmed either way. How long does it take to make a phone call?? You have a “mixed set on your 4R”?
My 4R and 1 of mr 5Ms have R1 radial rear tires and turf radial fronts.
‘my 4R has Firestone radial, mixed tread setup.
The mix has proven excellent traction even ground engaging yet still turf friendly.

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Yea, the Nokian TRI radial is a good tire.
I have them on my other 5115M. Soon to be getting moved to the 5125R I traded the 5M for last week.
‘I made keeping my Nokian tires a part of the trade

I think you will be happy with the galaxy radials. I really like mine.

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You have a mid mount mower correct?
If yes 72” version ?

With 72” yes the turf tires that came on your machine would work with 3”, if going with galaxy radials like mine.
Best not go more then 2.5”. The rear radial tires are noticeably wider.
See pics showing clearances with mower deck in place.
No mowing! Snow only!!! She’ll sleep in the summertime 😴
Oh, wow I had never seen one of those setups with a tire like that without a Mid mount mower.
In that case 3" would fine and likely be ideal for you.

I think you're really going to want those radials we talked about.

If for some reason you can't get the radials, you may want to look into getting some tire chains.
Your machine has a pure turf tire, which is really not ideal for snow.

I know the Galaxy Garden pro XTD is considered a hybrid turf radial, but the reason for the hybrid term, is that it is designed to bridge the gap between multiple different applications and also not harm your turf.
Which generally a hybrid turf radial proves very good in snow by comparison to any of the other choices and also very good in really many other applications.

A pure turf tire like what is on it now.
Well that is pretty much only good for not harming turf, meaning it's only real intended use is mowing.
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I really don't know on the exact ft pounds. I honestly just us a power full impact on them and pretty much take them as tight as they can go. Never had any issues. If I were to guess my impact is torquing them to something like 125-150 ft lbs

I bought mine from NTS.
New & Used Farm Tire Supply | NTS Tire Supply

To avoid getting a lazy BS answer, just in case they say they can't get them.
I would want to do a little checking on your own, so know if they are full of BS.

I have had tractor dealers and even tire dealers in the past tell me they can't get something, that I then turned around and went out and found and bought elsewhere without any problem.

Granted there are tire distributers across the US, and I am sure Canada as well.

It is also possible, I do know some dealers only check their local distributer, and do not look anywhere else.

With specialty tires, which are tires of this nature and size, that fit niche compact tractor market, it may require a fairly broad search either on your dealer's part or your own to find a set.

Just been my experience.
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I do break out my torque wrench for automotive applications.
I probably should do it for tractor applications as well.

But we never did back on the farm growing up, just hit em' with the ole impact as tight as it will go. LOL
That's how we always did it, probably why I still do it that way when working on my tractors today. LOL
NOT at all saying it is the right thing to do. lol
I'm assuming from what I read that my tires\wheels are set (previous owner) to the maximum stance with the current equipment I have?
Wheel offset out and valve stems in?
View attachment 902487 View attachment 902488 View attachment 902491
Yes based on your pics your at your max width. You can still add wheel spacers to get more.
or going go to a wider rear tire. Or both.

Your R1 tire option triggers a different more width adjustable rear rim then the R4, and R3 tire options get
‘With the rim you have you get that extra by going to outside of the inner wheel. Which is how yours is pictured. In its max width setup.

Wheels on a R3 tires rim can be reversed as you mentioned to get max width.

The R4 owner has its rims already in the max width to clear the tires from the chassis, so those can’t be turned to get more width.
Morning. Time for an update. I was successful at finding the tires! R3 radial XTD Garden Pros! I’ve ordered them for delivery. Very excited 😊 I forgot to ask you, did you change your rims too or mount the Garden Pros on the rim that came with the Mighty Mows…
I used the rims that came on the tractor with the mighty mows.
I think that was a good thing, that yours had the factory mighty mow turf tire option.
Some of the other factory tire options would have required a wheel purchase as well.
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