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314 Caburetor tuning

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I bought this 314 it ran fine but needed a little tuning to be right. Did not idle, ran with some choke and choke cable did not go all the way back in.
He told me that the motor was new when he purchased the machine and as clean as it is, i would agree.
I tuned the carb, via instructions, sounded great and got a pretty good idle, seemed fine. This is also missing the filter, which I just received.
So I left the side tin off and went out to mow so I could monitor it closely., did a pretty good job, but after a 1/2 hour or so, I noticed some sparks flying off the left side by the muffler. I ran it back to the barn imagining a lose wire, but found the muffler was cherry red.
Is there a specific trick to tuning these things?
Also, I noticed that when I got into taller grass, the mower slowed like belt slipping. I am missing the front shield with guide tension, so I gave it a couple turns and it helped. Now, would this cause the issue I am having by being to tight?

Thanks in advance!
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Thank you. I should have prefaced this with I was told the engine was new when he bought it. It does look good, carb looks like brand new, so figured he was on the level.
When I had a 314, which was near 20 years ago, I also had idle issues. What I found was the throttle shaft and main body throttle shaft bore had worn so much, it was leaking vast amounts of air. This was making the idle excessively lean. I found there was a kit for this in which a new throttle plate shaft, plate screws, and bushings for the main body. You drilled out the main body to accept the new bushings.

I wouldn't think there would be enough air leaking around the shaft, at mowing speed, to cause it to lean out where the exhaust was becoming that hot. I'd start by checking the timing.
Ok, so I understand fully.
1. Main fuel (top of carb) comes out 2 turns
2. Idle adjustment (angled on the side) comes out 1 & 1/4 turn, Is this the one I run rich?

I just don't want this thing heating up again.
And, thank God I had the side cover off to monitor or it may have been worse and hoping I didn't mess anything up.

Thank you much!
Run it on the rich side of the sweet spot for the carb adjustment. (As far out as possible before it starts running poorly. )
Well, finally got the 314 tuned, seems fine, no cherry exhaust.
This thing did not have an air filter prior, but now it does. I think this helps.
I got to mow a little, but I have been under the weather, so I didn't last long.
I have the mule adjusted, seems right, but when I hit longer grass a little to fast, it stops the mower!. I stop, back up and it comes back.
Would this be from the mule belt or possibly the mower deck belt? I really don't want to tear into it right now, but I may not have a choice.

Thanks again for all your help.
I went to start it the other night, nothing! No Click or sound. I'm not sure where to start with this dude. I do have 12 volts.
Possible key?
Possible solenoid?

I will have to test out some pieces to see whats happening more certain.
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