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318 strange issue dying and pro

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Hello this post may be a little long but I have a strange issue. I have a 318 ser# m00318x431663 . While mowing the engine pops and dies. This has been going on for a while but is very random may not do it for 5-6 cuttings the weird part is after you restart it the pro will not engage. By the time I get back to my shop and grab voltmeter it works. I wiggle wires check voltage and seat switch everything checks out. I saw on the wiring diagram there is a relay for the pto ? Is that part of the time delay box? If not where is it located. The really weird part is ( I hate to admit this) I found out while getting mad when it happened after you restart it if you leave the pto on and go from forward to reverse hard and fast the blades will come on! And then work fine any suggestions much appreciated I know it sounds like a loose connection any ideas where to look
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Does it have an electric PTO clutch? I don't have a 318 but my mower has an oil drain right above the clutch and oil gets in it every time no matter if I tilt the mower on its side and drain it.......
Yes it’s electric but on the 318 with the Oman pto is on front of engine but thanks for replying
I see 4 possibilities: seat switch & wiring, misc. wiring/connections (someplace!!), TDCM, or pto switch.

The relay on the schematic/wiring diagram is inside the TDCM. It's "electronic" with transistors etc. and hopefully not bad! For $30 +/- $5, I'd replace the pto switch. These last about 7 years and when they fail create al kinds of situations! If tractor is running and you can turn pto switch "On" without stalling, I'd say bad pto switch. Possibly bad connection or wire shorting out intermediately. NOT an easy find as there're only a few...hundred... wires and connections! Bob
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Thank you I hate replacing parts at this point I will try anything. The switch is at least 24 years old I’ve never replaced it and I performed the maintenance on it from the man I bought it from ! I’ll let you know but may be a while before it does it again. I’ll order the switch one thing I forgot to mention when it does this the pto light comes on but doesn’t engage as I said
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If you can rock back and forth to get the PTO to engage check the air gap of the PTO. It should be between .02 to .018 inches and even in all 3 slots for checking.
That's a whole different scenario if pto light comes on! That means switch is working as well as seat switch and TDCM. If you switch is 24 years old, I'd get a replacement anyhow, but hang on to it as a some point, you WILL NEED it!

Start with Mike's suggestion/solution and check/set pto gap. Report findings back here. Bob
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