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325 blades won't engage (clutch and switch good)

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I have a JD 325 with the 48" deck. I sent my mower into the shop because it was leaking oil all over the place. They power washed it and repaired the engine leak. When I got it back, I hooked up my deck and now the blades won't engage. I ohm'd the pto clutch and it's good (replaced last fall), checked the pto switch and it seems good. I have a new switch and it didn't make a difference. Check the power from the switch to the clutch and I don't have power at that connection. It appears to have a good ground too.

Not sure where to look now. I checked the safety switch in the seat and it has good continuity. I don't know where other safety switches are that would effect power to the clutch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Could the problem be on that circuit board (preventing power to the clutch)?
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Thanks for the suggestions!
My board is in the same spot as the 345- fuses are good.
There's no power to the pto clutch so the key / switch won't close it. But I checked it with 12v and the pto closes.
It's not getting power - (0.0v when you flip the switch) and the switch is good.
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I'm concerned about the pressure washing they did. The motor was leaking oil pretty bad and combined with the crud that was already around there made a real mess- so I can see why they did it. But it looks like they pressure washed everything- circuit boards too (ignition key too). My blades didn't have a problem when I took it in. I'm just wondering if the pressured water shorted something on that main board. idk...? I'll check clean those fuses as you suggested and see if that helps (fingers crossed). Otherwise, I guess I'm going to have to take it back to them to diagnose the problem.
Thanks for the input!
Another thing to check and had this problem on the 345, the fuses on the board may look ok but if there is a film of white corrosion that will keep from making a connection. Electric connections can be a pain to diagnose but with them pressure washing it water could've gotten into places it never has before.
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That's the way I'm seeing it too.
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