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Hi. I am new here and new to diesel engines.
The skidsteer is more of a learning project, if it ever runs that would be great. But not the goal.
The motor had 3 bent pushrods when we got it, as we have found out caused by the camshatf / gear bolt becoming loose and the camshaft loosing it timing while the engine was running.
I want to retime the camshaft but this engine does not have a key to set the camshaft to the cam gear. I have the manual and in there proceedure use special tools to set the timing. I could not aford to have a JD dealer do this.
Is there another way?
Can i get a cam card that details the cam lift and degrees? This is how car engine builders do it, so i have read.

Thanks for reading. I hope someone can answer my 2 questions.
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