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The SB1174 is a great blower. Its really a just a Green Blizzard B74..which I have (wish mine was green though :laugh:)
I was not a fan of the Cylinder style rotator Blizzard/RAD uses, so I fabbed up my own rotator using a hydraulic motor I had kicking around. I just like the motor style super slick and cost me a fraction of what the Factory Hyd. rotation setup costs.

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I looked hard at a SB1164 and SB1174 lasy year, but did not purchase. I have the front mounted JD 66" blade set-up with the extension for a total of 82" plus. I still think of getting the rear blower, but I kinda wanted to find one cheap. In looking at it for my unit, it was apparent that it would work best with the 1164 vs the larger unit.

Here is on in IL
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