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I've never worked a 35D. However, I have used 2 different 8,000-8,500lb. Bobcat excavators - 430 and 435 that are in the same weight class as the 35D. I have used a 50D on several occasions. The 50D is about 2,000lbs. Heavier than the 35 and more capable - IMO.

The new generation of diesel, 3/4 ton trucks are rated @ 24,500lbs. GVWR. With the 50D @ 10,500lbs and the avg. truck around 7,500lb. That leaves you with a 6,500lb limit on a trailer to haul it. That's real close to my 30' PJ 25k GVWR gooseneck.

I have hauled a 50D with a 24' 22K Big-Tex just fine. Not sure on trailer weight, but I'd have to guess that it's less than 6,500lbs.

No CDL needed until 26,000lbs. GVW. Whoops! Just remembered you are interested in a commercial venture. You may very well have to have a CDL as a business even if you're towing below the 26K weight threshold.
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