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Hello all! I m Thomas from germany and about to buy a 3720 for my business. Fuel is getting more and more expensive here and the specs on say that the engine drinks 2.8 gal./hr. (10.6L/hr) @ 100% load.

Well, i dont have any experience with compact utility tractors, but i think thats quite a lot.

Has anybody measured consumption while mowing or tilling?

I would appreciate any comments.

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I could run my cabbed tractor mowing with my MX-6 in thick grass for 5 hours and go through 6 to 7 gallons of fuel. Cutting took far less than 100% load. I never measured fuel consumption while tilling with my 673, but most times I would guess I was 60% or less load when I was really moving. I did everything with my A/C on and radio going. I think you will be happy with the 3720's fuel consumption. It is far less than the 4520 I have now!
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