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2. Went to the local Lowes and got a pallet of concrete 42 x80lb bags for some fencing and yard projects, and had them split the load into 2 pallets. When I got home to unload the pallets, the tractor wouldn't lift either pallet. Again, I have to curl the bucket back and then pull it back off the other pallet. Total load on either pallet couldn't have been more than 1700lbs.
Here are the specs for the 300CX with the 3x20 series I just took from the latest brochure:

Lift capacity at pivot pin (Max Ht) 1,598 lb
Lift capacity at 500 mm ahead of pivot pin (Max Ht) 1,122 lb
Lift capacity to 59" at pivot pin 2,125 lb
Lift capacity to 59" at 500 mm ahead of pivot pin 1,649 lb

The brochure states the following:

Lift capacities, pivot pin vs 500 mm ahead: The lift capacity at pivot pin is a gross measure of loader lifting ability. The lift capacity 500 mm ahead of pivot point is often the better measure of working lift capacity.

Breakout force at pivot pin 3,327 lb
breakout force at 500 mm 2,418 lb

The total weight of bags was 3,360 apart from the pallets. Split is 1,680 which matches your 1,700 lb if we give each pallet 20 lb but I am guessing that they might have been a little more especially if they were hard wood pallets. At a little less than 5' of height at the pivot pin it should have been able to lift 2,125 and at 500 mm out or 19.7" from the pivot it can lift 1,649 lb. If we take the statement out of the JD brochure and what it says about lift capacity then this is more the realistic number. There is the weight of the pallet fork to consider in the equation as well. I am not sure what that weight is. Could it be 200 lbs? if so this could be the reason it was doing all it could do. It also makes sense that you could curl it since there is a lever in its design that is working so that you get more leverage. I don't know, but my guess is that you were right on the limits of the loader. Maybe others can chime in here who are more experienced than me.

1. When I had the 1026R, the thing was a little beast. It would easily lift the front of the tractor off the ground with the bucket when I was doing things like back dragging the bucket, etc. My 3720 will not lift the tractor off the ground unless I drop the bucket and then curl down on the bucket. It seems weak and I do need to back drag on my driveway from time to time to smooth out spots.
On this point I would guess the 1026 is much less weight. I have a 300CX on my 990 and it is hard unless I am on the right pitch of the ground to lift the front end up without using the pivot. Again I am not experienced with the 1026R nor the 3x20 series. I am sure others will comment.
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