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375 Backhoe on 3520. hydraulics leak down

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Have brand new backhoe installed on 3520. its a 375 model not 375a
I keep the hoe in the retracted lock postion with the transport latch locked and bucket all the way curled while parked. and the out riggers in up position.
Over night the bucket will uncurl itself to about half way and one of the outriggers will drift down about 3 inches. One but not the other.
Is this acceptable with john deere backhoes specs? Looking for response from those with any backhoe installed on their deeres.
Just checking here before i raise the concern with john deere dealer
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Same here, normal... Run a small ratchet strap between the riggers to prevent them form leaking down, you can see it in some of the pics I posted in this thread:

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