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3pt Hitch Aerator

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Anyone have a recommendation about 3pt hitch aerators? My concern is what happens out back when you turn the wheels out front? I would think it would leave a heck of a mess unless you pick it up when turning much at all.

We currently have a tow behind from our old 318 but I've never been impressed as it only punches about 2 inches into the soil, even with maximum weight plus on the tray.

I'm looking at this one right now:


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Our model helicopter club has one-a 72" Midwest (no longer made) but very simular to this one shown in this thread:

You do indeed need to raise it before you turn. I filled 4 milk crates with concrete for added ballast and made a rack for the top to hold them. It works quite well, and my 4110 handled it nicely.
Sounds like it was setup for CAT0 with the small pins, and it looks like the to link connection is short also. A little welding and you can have it iMatch compatible in no time.How wide is it? Looks about 48" or so?
Lookin' great Chris:good2:
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