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3PT quick hitch questions??

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How many of you folks are running 3PT quick hitches??

Do you loose much of the lift capacity with the hitch being 4" father away from the tractors lift points?? Like with 3PT pallet forks for example??

Are they easy to back up and hook on, with out getting off the tractor??
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Will, I have two Landprides just like in your link, one for each machine. I use mine for everything, all attachments as well as the ballast box. I know it will be a pain to lengthen the shafts or get an extender as Ken suggested. But, once you do this, adding and removing equipment is a dream. :yahoo: Highly recommended, once you add it you'll never remove it. Oh and I do not notice and power loss in lift capability.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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