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Hello all, I have a request to see how many tractor owners of the 3 series tractor this is affecting.

I bought a brand new 2019 3033r in 2020 and from day one the hydraulic pump seeps. I included a picture of the seams where the pump leaks. The picture was from the first leak on the front which I noticed when cleaning the tractor. I sent my tractor back three times and each time the pump leaks somewhere new. The second and third time was on the back of the pump where you can’t see the seam. I would run the tractor using the loader for about an hour then run my hand around the pump. It leaks enough to generously coat all my fingers with hydraulic fluid. At first I thought I just bought a lemon and the dealer replaced the whole pump that simply bolts to the flywheel. There is only a gasket to keep debris out of the gear and engine driving the pump. The pump should be self contained but the seal around the pump shaft must be giving out. My tractor ended up having so many issues John Deere came through and actually replaced my tractor with a new 2021 3033r after 6 major failures. I just received the new one with 1.2 hours on it. I let it warm up at idle and used it for an hour with the loader moving topsoil. Sure enough the 2 year newer tractor is also seeping out the back side of the pump.

I’m curious how many others have a leak and don’t even notice it as it seems to like to leak the most behind the pump. I also noticed using both 3r series the cavitation sound while using the loader where air must be getting in. I have used many hydraulic machines and the 3r is pretty noisy.

Please let me know if anyone else is finding this issue.


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