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3rd point "storage" hook

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Alright, I've had my 2720 for almost 4 months...I give up, how is that little swing-out hook supposed to grab the adjustable link (3rd point)?

It seems straightforward enough, put the link arm into the hook, but the first bump I hit, the link bounces out. Am I missing something or does the design just S***?

Anybody have success with theirs? Have even tried using a 3" loop that goes over the link and onto the crappy hook, works for awhile, then flops down.

Short of removing the adj. link when not using an implement, how do you guys keep it up?!


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Dang, what service! Thanks for the responses and offer of a replacement hook!

I figured it had to be something wrong. Short of spending big $$$ for an imatch system, I may just remove the 3rd link when sans attachment if the "tweaking" doesn't work.

As it happened, I did buy a HF version as a trial for the 3rd link issue. I was impressed with the price and the quality, but was annoyed by lack of bushings and adapter link (the Frontier RB2060 did not work without the converter link).

Anyway, I guess it's spend $200, remove it when not in use or listen to it clank around!

Thanks again for your input and responses!

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