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3rd point "storage" hook

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Alright, I've had my 2720 for almost 4 months...I give up, how is that little swing-out hook supposed to grab the adjustable link (3rd point)?

It seems straightforward enough, put the link arm into the hook, but the first bump I hit, the link bounces out. Am I missing something or does the design just S***?

Anybody have success with theirs? Have even tried using a 3" loop that goes over the link and onto the crappy hook, works for awhile, then flops down.

Short of removing the adj. link when not using an implement, how do you guys keep it up?!


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...with a great add on called an iMatch. :thumbup1gif:
An iMatch is a relatively low cost addition and you will really find it convenient. About $300 MSRP. Your dealer may sell for less. You could also look at the Harbour Freight quick hitch on sale for $89.99.
Dang, what service! Thanks for the responses and offer of a replacement hook!

I figured it had to be something wrong. Short of spending big $$$ for an imatch system, I may just remove the 3rd link when sans attachment if the "tweaking" doesn't work.

It is too bad we dont have more tractor/farm/implement vendors in Canada. I also shop Princess Auto here in Winnipeg. Catching items in stock and on sale is even better. :thumbup1gif:

Yes you have to watch out as many couriers force brokerage. US Postal service is often better then couriers. If you check you will find some vendors handle Canadian shipping very well. Northern Tool is a good example. Also whenever I find a vendor offering free shipping inside the US I have items delivered to the closest US city. You will find most US/CANADA border towns full of delivery services. I use a delivery service in North Dakota that charges only $5/package delivery and warehousing and this includes fork lift tailgate service for large packages.
I see you're a Canuck too. Green Diamond, my JD dealer quoted $389 for the iMatch. We don't have HF here in Canada. They will ship via courier, but then we'll be dinged by "brokerage fees", up to 30% of the cost of the item being shipped. I went with the Speeco from Princessauto, got it for $219 on sale. Just pointing out my experiences for any other Canucks out there...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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