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3rd SCV for 4700 that has the 3 spool valve stock.

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My 4700 has the 3 spool valve stock. So I know there used to be a kit that is now out of stock or EOL or something.
What exactly is required if I want to add in the 3rd scv to the FEL so I can use my Grapple?

I understand that there are steel hoses in the kit - could one use flexible hose instead?

Is the actual 3rd spool present in the existing valve body?

(I did look through a few pages of search results and interesting reading, but there are like 300 pages of results for '3rd SCV' )
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Here is the part diagram:


A few guys have made their own kits with hoses and custom linkages. Yes you have the valve spool, you are just missing the lever, cable, lines and hardware to make it all work.
To add a grapple to your 4700, the WR Long 3rd function kit is probably the best option, it operates like you described in option #3.
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