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3x20 and 4x20 Cabbed Tractor Radio Mounting

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If your the proud owner of a 3x20 or 4x20 Series tractor and would like to mount an aftermarket radio like I did, heres the definitive "How To"...As a side note...this May/May not apply to 2011+ Machines, I know there are a few differences such as the new external antenna:, and I also see a new Bezel in JDParts. So if you do own a 2011+ Machine, we here at Green Tractor Talk would love to see the differences.

What You'll Need:
  • Pre 2011 Machines = Radio Mount Kit LVB24953
  • Single DIN Radio/CD Player of Your Choice
  • Scosche #VW01B Adaptor (1986+ VW Radio Plug)

What you do is use the harness supplied with whatever head unit you purchased...and solder it to the VW adaptor...Just match the wire colors NOT by color but by function...The Head unit manual should list the color/functions for the head unit side, and the package for the VW Adaptor should contain the info for that side. What you end up with is an adaptor like pictured below...
Then just follow the instructions provided with the Deere Radio Kit to perform the install.
One thing to note...when you have your cab roof off, be sure to look for any tears or damage in the cab roof seal. Having any gaps in that seal will cause poor HVAC operation..


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