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3x20 Electrical Diagnostics

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Based on the electrical schematics the instrument cluster (A1 Display Panel) controls the output to the amber flashers. Does anyone know if the instrument cluster monitors the Amber Flashers (Front & Rear) and set any diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's) if the circuits draw lower than expected or no current? (for example a bulb is burned out or replacement LED bulbs in lieu of incandescant).

If DTC's are set does it take a service tool to clear the DTC's from the instrument cluster or does restoring a proper functioning bulb (ie normal current flow) automaticaly clear out the DTC's?


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Going by a distant memory here when someone tried to replace all the bulbs with LED's, but the codes cleared themselves...
i am almost positive that they do have a DTC. in your owners book i think there is a section on the codes in it and part of that should be how to clear the codes.

on your dash, the rocker switch that has the picture of your speed and rpms, that switch if you hit that i believe it clears the code out.

on wednesday, when i go back to work i can give you a definite answer
Thanks Gents!
Found page 26 ((Display Mode Sw) & 100 (Codes) in the Operators Manual. Was looking initially at the CD. Will check it closer.
Trying to work on LED strobe project in which the LED head will be used & located in the amber hazard assembly. I dont want to have the incandescant flasher bulb and LED strobe on at the same time. So if I use a DPDT switch to interrupt the Hazard signal from the Light Switch (S3) to the Display Panel (A1) when using the strobes I effectively inhibit the incandescant hazrad bulbs from illuninating without setting any diagnotic codes.
Will post schematics and photos when project is complete.

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