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3x20 series MMM deck questions

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I have searched and there are a couple questions I have on the 3x20 series MMM 72 deck.

What year was the auto connect MMM deck introduced?

How do you determine if the deck is auto connect or not? From what I can tell early models were not drive over.

When did they start the auto pto option? If it is not installed is it easy to install and what are PNs and cost to do so?

Do the Load n Go brackets fit on the 72D MMM for a 2011 3x20? I see a BXX10534, but it appears to fit 2012 and later is that correct?

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Can't answer all you questions but I do have a 2012 3720 with autoconnect deck. If you are looking at a deck it should be easy to tell if it is autoconnect as the PTO shaft stays on the tractor so it will not be on the deck when it is off of the tractor.
As for the brackets, I don't know for sure but I do not see why the autoconnect deck wouldn't fit on all the 3mx20 model years unless there were changes made to the major structural components of the tractor, which I doubt happened.

I can tell you that it works great and I would hate to go back to the roll under deck that was on my previous tractor.

Hope someone else can shed more light on this for you.
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