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4020 3 point trouble

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This is my first post here, so here it goes....
I have a JD 4020D, powershift tranny tractor, serial #90XXX with an issue. My 3 point hitch doesn.t work correctly. First thing is the rockshaft selector has only ever worked in the LD posistion, which has never really been a problem. When I place it in the L or D posistion the arms fall, like the cylinders have been disconnected.
But here recently when I lower an implement the 3 point arms slowly bleed down.
Having never torn into the rockshaft control, could this be some sort of check valve? and if so is it an easy fix.
I also have noticed the load sensing shaft has started leaking. I have replaced these bushings and seals before. Does anyone know if there has been an upgrade to these parts?
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In the LD position, it raises normally, but when you lower it to a set position, it does not maintain that position, but slowly bleeds off.
When running say a bushog, I lower it to where I'm cutting say 8 inches above the ground, and in just a few minutes, I'll be digging dirt. With nothing hooked up, and hitch in the fully raised position, it will stay there. But as soon as I shut the tractor off, the hitch starts bleeding down.
All other hydraulics are fine. The hitch in L, or D, has never worked since we bought the tractor 30 plus years ago. Raise the hitch up fully, move selector to either one of those settings, and the hitch falls as if there was no hydraulic oil left in the lift cylinders.
The load shaft leak, didn't start till 3 months after I noticed the bleed down problem. So I'd say the 2 are unrelated. It has been 15 years since I replaced the load shaft seals and bushings, so I had already planned on replacing the shaft as well. I hadn't thought about drawbar support bushings and pin, so I'll be sure to do that also.
Thanks for your input, jd110.
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thanks again jd110, this info has been exactly what I've been looking for.
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