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4200 Dif lock lever stuck! - Lock not engaged

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New to me tractor that had been sitting outside for a while. and the diff lock lever won't budge, and I mean not even a millimeter. The diff lock is not engaged, went in sandy area and one tire would spin and not the other. didn't have a ton of time this morning to look at it but looked underneath and nothing on the linkage was glaring at me. Idea's on where to start? Any danger of damaging something internally if i were to hammer on it a bit to try and break it free?

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Try saturating the linkage with PB Blaster or another good penetrating fluid.
I had some penetrating WD40 so I just tried that with no luck. I will grab some pb tomorrow and give that a go.
Steel shafts through aluminum cases, they can corrode and freeze up, a hammer should never be used! This was also an issue with the range selector and brake shafts
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