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i have a john deere 420c. the cylinder sleeves are shot and was wondering if the sleeves are replaceable. i was told they are but i want to make sure before i strip it down.
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If your talking a 50's to 60 two cylinder, they are not sleeved, but have alot of room to be bored out, just need overbore kit.
i had the head off and can see that there are sleeves in it. i was told it is a 1954?? see i bought this off someone that gave up on it, but before i bought it the guy had me pull the head off and take it get to rebuilt. it was over heating and losing power. so now it has a rebuilt head, new water pump, water pump belt and a thermostat. after all that i fixed the exhaust leak and it hasn't over heated yet. i have been using it alot and what it does is loses power when under a good load, push the clutch in and it comes right back to life.
Are you sure you just aren't working the poor gal to hard? What sort of tasks are you trying to do? Of course I have no idea the torque rating that tractor is capable of. :unknown: Just curious.
i am probably working it a little to hard, but it does it when i am just backing up a hill. I seen the ridge on top of the cylinders and they are bad, way beyond just putting in new rings and now the governor has stopped working. it just dies down till i push the clutch in and let it rev back up.
From the data I have a 53-56 would be a 40c, a 56-58 a 420c and from 58-60 a 430c,, the 40c used the 100 cid engine, the 420/430c used a 113 cid engine,, both of these were 2 cylinder gas engines. Also available from 58-60 was the 440 with the 113 cid 2 cyl gas engine and the GM 2-53 diesel, the 2-53 is definetly a sleeved engine. Is it possible the current block was worn beyond +.125 (biggest overbore kit I could find) and sleeves were made to repair a worn out block? Im curious because I dont find any info on a factory sleeved 2 cylinder gas block, not saying the data I have isn't incorrect or all encompassing by any means. Pics of the machine, engine and the sleeves once removed would be nice.
It is more than likely that your tractor was sleeved during a previous repair.:empathy:You will need to remove the cylinders and have a machine shop check them, unless you have a really big inside calipers.:laugh:They will probably clean up without being re-sleeved.
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