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4210 with loader hydraulic issues

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Just found this site looking for an answer to my problem...This is a VERY NICE WEBSITE!!! Here is my issue.... when ever I go to lift my loader empty or loaded it will drop before it lifts. It almost acts like it bypasses pressure for a second before it goes up. This has been happening for a while and now seems to be getting worse. You can not ease into the joystick to do a gentle lift anymore. I have been reading up with my service manual and I am wondering if it could be a pressure relief valve stuck or something like that?? I also have noticed that when the hydraulics are cold it somewhat makes a squeeling sound until it gets warmed up..If anyone could help me with this I would sure appreciate it. Thanks


Somehow I must have still been in the project area when I tried to post to the forum...sorry about this, if a moderator could move my post to the proper forum I would appreciate it and will be more careful next time.
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Welcome to DT!

I moved your thread Steve, no problem...

A few questions before some answers:

When was the fluid last changed?
Is it clean and clear looking?
Does it look foamy?
What type of fluid?
Do you have the service manual?

Possible problems:
Your problem is either the linkage, or the "load checks" in the valve.

>Linkage must be lubricated and not binding with no excess play in the joints. Fluid Film is a great lubricant for these linkages. See the first picture attached.

>The load checks are supposed to keep the pressure in the cylinders until there is a positive pressure applied to the to keep the load from dropping like your are describing. Unfortunately for the 4x10 series JDParts does not show these load checks very well, so the second picture attached is from a 4200 tractor, part #53 is the load check. The reason I asked about the fluid is that if there is/was water in it then the load check or spools could be corroded and sticking.


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Thank you for your reply, here are some answers

Fluid change has never been done to my knowledge, but I am just at 500 hours. Filters have been changed at around 300 and again at 400 hours. I bought the tractor at around 300 hours. Fluid in the site glass looks fine, I have never seen it get foamy even after plowing my big gardens under a hard pull. I do have the tractor service manual on cd, but nothing for my loader. When I drain the oil what is actually recommended as when I did my filter changes I just assumed it was jd low vis oil and used that as I always have on my smaller hydro mowers. If I am wrong I guess I should have checked instead of assuming.

Thanks again

The Low Vis Hy-Guard is good, but depending on the temps in your area you may only need the regular stuff-that's what I use here in MD. The CD will have the info on the valve since it's part of the tractor and not the loader, it should also have troubleshooting info on it.

I would change the oil, and maybe do a "crackle test" on the old oil to see if there is moisture in it-basically you put some on a hot frying pan and the water (if there is any) will "crackle" and pop.
I will try and get the oil changed and dig into that valve this weekend. I will post what I find. I know you all are going to cringe on this.....I will most likely be refilling with IH hytran as it will not mix with moisture as I have been told. I have seen the low vis mix with water very well in a bucket sitting in the shed that had never been opened. Condensation ruined the whole 5 gallon. I appreciate the help and I will let you know about the crackle test. Thanks
No cringing here, any good name-brand oil that meets the JD spec is OK with me. Please do report back...
I have a 4200 and the manual calls for hydraulic fluid and filter changes every 200-hours. Somehow I suspect the 4210 is similar in frequency. I also use the regular viscosity Hy-Gard.

I'm so glad I live in a dry climate where we don't get the condensation issues the humid climate people get. :D

Crackle test...that's a new one to me...thanks Kenny for yet another spitwad of hydraulics knowledge I can file away in my mini mind.
Crackle Test

Here is a good article on the subject:
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May I suggest you add the crackle test link to the DT technical library.
I did get the fluids changed this weekend, as far as the crackle test.....PASS....the fluid and filter changes helped a little but did not cure the issue entirely .Guess I am digging into the valve next.
BTW, I did find my owners manual and it is every 400 hour filter and fluid change for the 4210.
BTW, I did find my owners manual and it is every 400 hour filter and fluid change for the 4210.
That sure beats the hideously messy chore needing to be done every 200-hours as my 4200 calls for.
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