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4320 error code

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I was running my 4320 this morning hauling firewood. Drove into the woods fine, tractor ran as usual. Loaded wood, went to turn the tractor on to drive home. It would not start and the code said "EnGrun". I tried to start several times and it kicked up all of a sudden. I drove it home, turned it off and tried to start it again. Same code popped up.

I looked in the book and it said that code refers to trying to start the tractor when it is already running. But it was not running! Any help??
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What year is your 4320? My 2009 4520 gives numbers for errors, not text. I then look them up in the service manual I bought.

My 2007 JD4720 book also has numbers for codes to look up so there must have been a change between your 2006 and 2007. Sorry can't help you.
I let Kevin know, hopefully he can help.
That code will display If you try to start the tractor while the engine is already running. It may be possible that there is a problem in the start switch. Check the green wire #325 from the alternator. This is your tach signal. I fear you may have a problem with your display module. I guess it could be the alternator, itself. I'm not finding any diagnostic information on this problem. I can only assume that, for some reason, the display module is perceiving a tach signal in error. If you cannot isolate the problem, you could contact your local dealer and have them open a DTAC case to see if the engineers have any suggestions. The more I think about it, the more I like the keyswitch theory. Good luck. Let us know what you come up with.
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