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45 Loader brackets for new x739

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Group, you all have been amazing and so informative.

I am looking for someone who makes/sells/fabricates the brackets needed to mount a 45 loader on a new X739? I am in Denver as a reference for shipping.

Thank you for any input,

Scott (Otis74)
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I thought I would come back with an update as I was able to mount the 45 loader to my x739 tonight!

I ultimately combined the efforts of JBible and CTC to create brackets for the x739 to mount a 45 loader.
First I contacted CTC and they were able to sell me their left side bracket (without the extension post) that would work with my steering linkage. My plan was to then weld the 2” square extension to the CTC bracket.

I then took JBibles drawing and had a local welding shop fabricate the bracket for the right side that mounts near the hydraulics. I actually had 2 made so that I could use the second as a template for the proper orientation/angle to mount my square extension off the CTC bracket.

I cut the original 2” square bar from the 45 loader to the lengths needed for each of my mounts. I know that many of you would discourage that so that I would have the original mounting hardware if I were to resell the loader. My thought is that as years go on the majority of those looking for this loader will have the newer tractor and won’t be able to use the original hardware anyway. And by doing what I did, I now actually have all things needed to mount this to a 4WS or regular steer. I have the second bracket, and enough 2” bar to make a standard left side mount for a non 4WS if needed.

Below are some photos I took showing the CTC bracket, JBibles bracket design, and then each with the 2” bar welded to the brackets and then mounted to the tractor. I also added the THRV as mentioned by many others. I am waiting for my pressure gauge to arrive so that I can shim if needed to increase capacity if I choose. I also have 8 suitcase weights to hang off the heavy hitch click and go bracket.

I’m sure I am forgetting something so please ask if interested.

Thanks to everyone for all their help and guidance! Can’t wait to work on some small projects this weekend.

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Can I ask you how that 45 loader works running off the oem hydraulics?

Ie: speed to raise/lower, lifting capabilities, etc.
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