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450 tiller oil/grease for chain drive.

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Picked up a very nice 450 tiller with what seems to be very little hours on it. I can’t find a manual or an exploded parts diagram. On the side it looks like either a chain or gear drive case. Not sure if the manual calls for oil or grease in there. Also in the main gearbox I usually just use 75W-90 but curious to see what John Deere calls out.

The tines still have some paint on them so I don’t think this seen thing has seen much use at all. I’m more concerned about water that may have got into the fluid.

Only thing it didn’t come with which I will need is a slip clutch. I can pick one up at tractor supply cheap enough. I’ll have to paint it yellow so it matches the PTO shaft though Lol
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The tines on 450 tiller that I locate are chain not gear driven. OM states chain should be greased. Pto driveshaft slip clutch is shown in parts catalog


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