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450 tiller oil/grease for chain drive.

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Picked up a very nice 450 tiller with what seems to be very little hours on it. I can’t find a manual or an exploded parts diagram. On the side it looks like either a chain or gear drive case. Not sure if the manual calls for oil or grease in there. Also in the main gearbox I usually just use 75W-90 but curious to see what John Deere calls out.

The tines still have some paint on them so I don’t think this seen thing has seen much use at all. I’m more concerned about water that may have got into the fluid.

Only thing it didn’t come with which I will need is a slip clutch. I can pick one up at tractor supply cheap enough. I’ll have to paint it yellow so it matches the PTO shaft though Lol
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Ok so it looks like its a gear drive. Anyone know off hand what type of oil JD recomends?
Tx Jim thank you sir! And you are correct it is gear driven I’m gonna pull off the case now and take a look. Looks like the chain tensioner is screwed 3/4 of the way in on mine. I’ll have to see how worn it is. Might need replaced soon?

Gear case up top had very clean and water free gear oil in it. Only weeps a little oil.

Only downsides are it’s not quick hitch compatible. Not a big deal. Other thing was the factory slip clutch was missing. Wish I had known I think the guy kept it. Probably to sell it seperate. He seem to be a reseller of tractor parts. Oh well live and learn. $200 later at TSC and I am in business. OEM PTO was perfect length with slip clutch installed.

I will try to see if I can replace some of the PTO shroud parts. These have to be the first ones that I have seen that are easy to remove and reinstall. But if Deere wants 1200 bucks for a OEM slip clutch God knows what they’re going to ask for a plastic shroud lol

Fun fact the tiller frame is made in Germany, tines are made in France, the gearbox and PTO shaft is made in Italy, the slip clutch is made in the Netherlands and it has 3/4 inch SAE hardware lol. Pto grease zerks were metric but I had metric zerks on hand so Ill forgive that.
Just pulled off the case. Slight bit of moisture in there but no rust so nothing to worry about. Sprocket points are rounded so not much wear on them. The chain drive is tensioned with a wedge of high density polyethylene ( White cutting board material) actuated by a bolt. I was afraid mine was worn out because that super long bolt is screwed in almost all the way. But it looks like there’s really only about 2 inches of adjustment. The grease in there looked very clean. Some of it had flung off the chain onto the cover. It was clean. I just scooped it up with my finger and squished it back into the chain, should be good for a while. I don’t have time to disassembling and soaking everything in solvent. I always get concerned about compatibility with grease types. I’ve had problems in the past on equipmnt where incompatible grease types hardended. I use lucas red n tacky #2 for everything Unless the specific grease is called out. It’s cheap and it smells like mint. I like it lol

Going to till about 6000 ft.² of someone’s lawn for a renovation on Wednesday. Excited to see how the machine and tiller will work.

Overall super happy with my Craigs List find. I would have preferred a reverse tine tiller but this thing is built like a brick $#!+ house and will outlast me. Considering the supply and demand issues right now where you can’t even get new ones I am very lucky to have snatched this one up.
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